Kyokuyo Shipyard - CAPUCINE
Kyokuyo Shipyard - CAPUCINE
News 151 : Home & Away ! - christening ceremony for S500 "CAPUCINE"

Kyokuyo Shipyard - RORO Carrier CAPUCINE christening ceremony

In the last news, we said (Wilhelmine) "was the first in the series that was given name in Japan, as her elder sisters left our place without being named." Are they trading without own name ? If not, how and where were they named ? Okay, in this issue, we are going to disclose the secret.

Kyokuyo Shipyard - RORO Carrier CAPUCINE christening ceremonyOn May 10, 2012, the christening ceremony for our RORO carrier S500 was held at Rotterdam, Netherlands. Mr. Katsuhiko Ochi, president of Kyokuyo Shipyard, was invited to attend the event by CLdN, which actually controls the ship as well as her sisters.

So, why at Rotterdam ? Because the vessel would be engaged in shuttle service across the Dover Straits. For S500, it was a kind of a formal "debut" presentation, where the debutante was introduced to no less than 300 guests, including her future cargo owners. It was a joint event, too : her fellow - bigger RORO ship "Peregrine", built at Flensburger was also named at the same occasion.

It was a rainy day, but the rain just stopped before the christening ceremony held at CLdN's private berth. After a blessing was given by a christian priest, which looked fresh to Mr. Ochi's eyes, the vessel was named "Capucine" by Mrs. Virginie Cigrang, the better half of Mr. Michel Cigrang of CLdN group. It goes without saying that the sponsor and the ships received a tremendous applause !

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At the lunch reception, Mr. Christian Cigrang, CEO of CLdN, in his welcome speech, introduced our president as "the guest from the most distant place" and kindly said a word of appreciation about the quality of our products. We would like to thank the shipowners on behalf of all the staffs working here.

At Kyokuyo, we now concentrate on S503 - the next and last in the 4-ship series. We are making every possible effort to satisfy and make our client happy !


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