Kyokuyo Shipyard - Naming & Delivery of S506
Kyokuyo Shipyard - Naming & Delivery of S506

News 159 : New Max For Japanmax - Kyokuyo Shipyard

On November 20, 2012, we had the naming and delivery ceremonies for S506 container carrier. She and her elder sister S505 are the first ships we have built for SITC since 3.5 years and the 12th and 13th ships since 2000. We would like to heartily thank our longstanding client for their continuous support !

Kyokuyo Shipyard - Naming & Delivery of S506

S506 and S505 are Kyokuyo's latest "Japanmax" container feeders, best suited for Japan - China - Korea trade. When the first Japanmax design was materialized, it could load merely 787TEU. The capacity was increased stepwise since then, to 831, 847, and 907TEU, with the gross tonnage remaining the same.

Being throughly redesigned, our newest product marks an impressive achievement in term of capacity, allowing 1,103TEU to be loaded in and on its hull which is 1 meter shorter than the predecessor. Its navigation speed is also increased by 4%, with the same engine output. Needless to say that this it complies with the up-to-date regulations that require double or triple structured fuel tanks, among others. While we are proud (again) of our design team's outstanding abilities, we greatly appreciate SITC's precious comments that have helped us a lot in making our products better.

Kyokuyo Shipyard - Naming & Delivery of S506 Kyokuyo Shipyard - Naming & Delivery of S506 Kyokuyo Shipyard - Naming & Delivery of S506

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To celebrate the birth of our new generation Japanmax, we invited more than 30 guests, including Mr. N. Furuichi, President of Maruyu Co., Ltd. of Yokkaichi City, a company which is an important client to SITC Japan. After paper exchanging, the ceremonies took place onboard S506 - or SITC YOKKAICHI, as Mr. Furuichi solemnly named. His beloved daughter Saki then cut the guy rope to let the champagne bottle smash on the new ship. And voilà, our newest baby was delivered, and named !

The reception was held, as other cases, at a banquet room overlooking Kanmon Channel. From there, all the participants could watch SITC YOKKAICHI in motion and admire the elegant lines of the new ship which had just started her career. It is always so nice for us to see people giving cheers to our product!

We wish her owners and operators safe and profitable voyages ! [2012/12/03]

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