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News 162 : New Adult Celebration 2013

As provided by law, Coming of Age Day is a legal public holiday in Japan on the 2nd Monday in January. In 2013, it falls on the 14th day.

To celebrate new adults, Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation presents a gift to every employee who has reached or will reach the age of 20 during the current fiscal year starting April 2012. The ceremony was held on January 11.

We had 5 eligibles this year. All of them joined the company in April 2011 and are working hard now in its factory after 3 months training at Oita Regional Shipbuilding Craftsmanship Center.

Having received the gift as well as warm words from Katsuhiko Ochi, Kyokuyo's president, and celebrated by their bosses, the young staffs came back to their work when the ceremony finished. Let me join in wishing them a bright future!

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