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News 167 : Reunion at Saiki (with the President)

This news follows up on the previous one that introduced you Kyokuyo's 6 new comers for 2013.

The 4 young technicians, Makoto, Akihiro, Reira and Masaya, are in the middle of the 3-month professional training program at Oita Regional Shipbuilding Craftsmanship Center (Saiki city), which started in the month of April.

Kyokuyo Shipyard - 2013 New Employees and Katsuhiko Ochi

On the other hand, Eita and Lipeng, master's degree holders, finished 2-month training at our main office and were assigned to the fundamental design section on June 1.

Just after the official assignment, Eita and Lipeng headed also to Saiki to stay there for 3 weeks, as they had enrolled in "Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering" course, organized by National Maritime Research Institute. The lectures are given in a videoconference format and can be attended at several locations, including Saiki.

Now that all the 6 new employees reunited at Saiki, Katsuhiko Ochi, Kyokuyo's president, paid a visit the city and invited them to a dinner, to give pressure to encourage his youngest colleagues. After coming back to Shimonoseki, Ochi said he was satisfied to know the 4 technicians had already obtained 6 qualifications out of 7 and to see each of them looked more professional, with a confident air.

The young boys will start their real career soon, from the beginning of July. We wish them all of the best ! [2013/06/25]

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