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News 180 : 6 New Persons Joined Kyokuyo

It's April again and we are going to introduce our new employees. This year, we welcomed 6 fresh crew members.

Manabu has been studying chemistry in his graduate school and his passion for working in a manufacturing company brought him to Kyokuyo. He is now in the middle of the OJT session at various sections in the company, before eventually joining Production Division. The Nagasaki native is the first resident in our new "Seisei (=blue star)" Dormitory, completed barely last month.

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Nozomi is good at English. When she finished her degree in Tokyo, Nozomi wanted to come back to her hometown, Shimonoseki, and get a job that needed her language skills there. She came to Kyokuyo, scored good marks in the entrance examination and surprised our Matt Sizemore with her fluent English. And voila ! She won a perfect job at our Business Division. Nozomi's first mission was to help other staffs organize the ceremonies for S514 and S515.

Kohei, Tomoya, Kouki and Makoto
We will be closed as marked in the calendar below for "Golden Week" national holidays starting at the end of April.
are currently at Oita Regional Shipbuilding Craftsmanship Center to receive professional training. If everything goes well, they will be back to Shimonoseki by the end of June with 7 qualifications and self-confidence as technicians. The company's president, Katsuhiko Ochi, is scheduled to visit Oita to, err, err, encourage them in the end of May.

We hope each of the 6 rookies will become a full-fledged player who will confidently lead "Team Kyokuyo" ! [2014/04/29]

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