NEWS264: Kyokuyo's Sales Division Seeks Motivated Individuals !
How About Joining The Unique Shipbuilder In Japan ?

Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation seeks motivated individuals to join its Sales Division, consisting of newbuilding sales team and ship repair team. If you are interested to work with us for long-term, please email your CV. Today, we are introducing our newbuilding team.


What do we do in the newbuilding team (in brief) ?

In brief, the mission of the team is to get orders for newbuilding. Taking advantage of Kyokuyo's greatest strength - flexibility in designing and manufacturing - we are working hard to secure orders for new ships which will fit our newbuilding dock of 155m L x 23.4m W. Unlike our competitors, we prefer technical projects in the niche market where we believe our strength and ability are best demonstrated.

Our customers are ship owners all over the world, and orders come equally from Europe, Japan and other Asian countries, about one-third each. We value personal relationships, trust and (on and off line) face-to-face contact to ensure the customers' satisfaction.

What do we do in the newbuilding team (in details) ?

OK, we introduce how to complete our mission on a step-by-step basis.

Obviously, It's a team play from the beginning to the end. The collaboration with other members is essential.

What do we expect from you ?

Regular sales person position
(with the prospect of promotion)

CURIOUSNESS, which drives you to be sensitive to the latest trends, and to challenge new things. BROAD PERSPECTIVE to think and act globally. COMMUNICATIVENESS as the work is based on communication with people.

Back-office assistant position
(with limited prospect of promotion)

OUTGOING PERSONALITY and COMMUNICATION SKILLS in Japanese and English are required, as in this position you are expected not only to perform general office work but to coordinate among other team members, engineers, designers, and ship's superintendents. MC of ceremonies and parties could be your job, too.

What about the typical career path ahead of you ?


If you are hired as the regular sales person, you will be assigned to the Sales Division where you will learn and experience the basics of the new building sales.

After certain period, you will be transferred to another section where you will have good opportunity to broaden your perspective and personal network. In the ship repair department, for example, younger employees can experience negotiating on Kyokuyo's behalf with domestic customers (Exciting !).

Then you will be back to the original section. If you perform well, you can expect to be promoted from a staff member to PIC of a project, from PIC to team manager, from manager to more responsible positions. Through experiences of multi-billions yen new building deals, you may acquire the mindset, vision and knowledge to lead a business company.

Let's make the future together !


Some always predict the future of the shipbuilding industry in negative tone. We do know however that demand for ship and shipbuilding will not disappear as long as there are oceans. As a small but flexible manufacturer with our reputed ability to design and produce excellent ships, and as a niche shipbuilder privilegedly located in an island country where related industries have developed, we feel sure that we can define our own path. We look forward to receiving applications from you. Let's make the future together ! ■ [2020/6/29]

If you are interested, contact us at kyokuyoemail.

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