General Cargo Boats and MPC's
Key features
Our cargo vessel product line comprises sophisticated designs, answering ever-changing market needs. The most recent example is A5756, a European-standard compliant and gantry crane equipped cargo ship, with innovating features like movable bulkheads and one-person bridge control system.

Making good use of our design abilities and deep experiences, we are always trying to create something advanced, and unique. If you have a transportational challenge to which conventional ships can never give you a solution, contact Kyokuyo - our technologies may be a key clue to it.

design lineup

mail to our business dept.We made available for free download in PDF document 2 particulars sheets of the most popular types. For other types, questions, or special enquiries, please e-mail us.

15,000tdw - General Cargo

a5756hp.pdf download (280K)

13,400tdw MPC - container friendly
a5777.pdf ダウンロード (380K)

12,000tdw MPC
a5741.pdf ダウンロード (372K)

ships we built

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Hull Name DWT blt. Owner
329 POLLUX 13,250 1984 Sea Conveyor S. A.
332 GEFION 12,200 1985 Sun Shine Shipping S.A.
336 SUPER VISION 12,200 1986 Super Shipping S.A.
338 EL-DJAZAIR 9,000 1987 General National Maritime Trans .Co.
339 JAREF 9,000 1987 General National Maritime Trans .Co.
370 KRASKINO 6,100 1991 Aurora Navigation S.A.
371 ARTEM 6,100 1992 Aurora Navigation S.A.
372 SOCOFL LAKE 6,100 1992 Aurora Navigation S.A.
373 SOCOFL TRADE 6,100 1992 Aurora Navigation S.A.
375 SOCOFL TIDE 6,100 1992 Aurora Navigation S.A.
376 SOCOFL STREAM 6,100 1992 Aurora Navigation S.A.
447 ARKLOW WAVE 13,650 2003 Arklow Shipping Limited
448 ARKLOW WIND 13,650 2004 Arklow Shipping Limited
460 ARKLOW WILLOW 14,000 2004 Coastal Shipping Public Limited Co.
455 SCL BERN 12,000 2004 SCL Bern AG.
456 SCL THUN 12,000 2005 SCL Thun AG.
457 SAFMARINE BASILEA 12,000 2005 SCL Basilea AG.

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