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Liquefied gas carriers
Key features
Our building record includes some liquefied gas carriers. Having just received an order for our newest 7,200m3 type, after a rather long break, we are now ready to satisfy up-to-date demands from domestic and international customers.

design lineup

mail to our business dept.You can freely download the leading particulars sheet for 12,000m3 type and 7,200m3 type in PDF format. For other models including semi-refrigerated types and smaller ships, please e-mail to us. Your questions about details are also welcome.

12,000m3 - VCM ok - pressurized type
a5688r.pdf download (232K)

7,200m3 - VCM ok - pressurized type
a5765.pdf download (236K)

7,000m3 - semi-refrigerated type
a5757hp.pdf download (236K)

ships we built

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Hull Name capacity(m3) built Owner
356 RED DRAGON 3,500 1989 Petrogas Shipping & Finance Inc.
359 ATOLLO BLU 3,500 1990 Maritime Shipping Inc.
438 TAMARA 7,200 2002 Golden Shield Lines, S.A.

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