New BuildingWe don't care if it rains (or snows...)
All-weather Block Assembly Factory

Bad weather is a formidable enemy of the shipbuilders, especially in a rainy country like Japan. It may affect not only the management of building schedule, but the product quality as well. So, we have built an all-weather block assembly factory. Completely covered, it allows us to manufacture high quality blocks constantly in any season, without any serious influence from the weather.

In order to optimize our output, we carefully designed the plant from scratch. For example, its crane-to-floor height is set to 28m, a sufficient clearance to freely move or turn around a steel block module of 60tons.

This facility, together with our all-weather blasting factory dedicated to surface preparation of the building block just assembled, play a key role in our management of building process and quality control.

Finally, our eco-savvy co-generation plant guarantees uninterrupted electric power even in case of emergency.

Our newbuilding drydock of 155m(L) x 23.5m(W) can satisfy a variety of requirements from shipowners around the world. While it is ideal for small to medium sized ships in a wide range from 5,000tdw to 20,000tdw, an extra length makes our dock best suited for speedier or fuel-saving ship designs.

Newbuilding Dock DImensions

We are proud of being the first to introduce the computer-assisted CAD system among the shipbuilders of similar size. Today, a strong combination of in-house computer network and audacious challenges based on rich know-how and experiences makes our design team unique in the field.

For other sectors too, we have been regularly investing in various computer-related systems to enhance the quality of our products, to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing processes, and to make ourselves quicker and more flexible.


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