Ship Repair

Our ship-repair section has a drydock of 125m(L) x 21.4m(W).

Ship Repair Dock Dimensions


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While we welcome orders for regular surveys and minor repairing works, we enjoy a solid reputation as specialist in ship conversion and casualty damage repair.

Click at the monochrome image (right) to see enlarged versions in color, showing the process of the jumborization we carried out of a 2,500GRT offshore unit. After our works, the ship was reborn as a 4,800GRT cable layer, now known as "Koshin Maru". The conversion is not an easy job which requires skills, experiences and design abilities - we do have all of them.


Shimonoseki, where we are based, is a port of key junctions of various seaborne trades. Here meet four seas: the Pacific, the Inland Sea, the East China Sea and the Japan Sea. As so many ships come and go, we have undertaken a lot of casualty repair works since our startup.

It is too bad to see marine accidents still occur frequently, but, in case of emergency, we are committed to make our professional efforts to secure navigation safety of any damaged ships after casualty.

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