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News 129 : The 7 Rookis in 2009 become Adult (legally)

Our third news for 2011 is about Japan's "coming-of-age day", a national holiday we have on the second Monday in January every year. And every year, Kyokuyo celebrates its young employees who reach the age of 20 by offering small gift.

There are 7 eligibles this year. All the 7 - including Kyokuyo's first ever female mechanic whom we introduced to you in news098 - joined the company in April 2009, after graduating high school. They are still 7 (i.e. none left) and all working hard in the factory everyday.

I still recall, 2 years ago, having to send a female staff to Oita, because our "first ever female mechanic" was also the first female trainee that Oita Regional Shipbuilding Craftsmanship Center accepted. Since the training facility had (and still have) no accommodation for ladies, we had to arrange a weekly rental condominium specially for her.

In a simple ceremony held on January 7, the company president Mr. Ochi handed them the gifts to each of 7 young adults with a warm word of encouragement. We wish them all the best for the future ! [2011/01/28]

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