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roll-on/roll-off'sKey Features
Our design team has just released a brand-new model of high speed, 76 chassis roll-on/roll-off carrier called "A-5767", equipped among others with an innovative "dump tank" vibration reducer system. The marine transport with RO/RO ships carrying trucks and chassis has a lot of advantages over ground transportation in terms of overall cost/energy saving and environmental issues. We are happy if our ships can make a humble contribution to transportation reform.

Design Lineup

mail to our business dept.2 PDF files describing the leading particulars are available for download. Need other types ? Questions ? click here to e-mail to our sales department.

12,000GRT - 20knots
a5767.pdf download (232K)

8,150GRT - 18knots
a5649r.pdf download (224K)

Ships we built

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Hull Name GRT Type Blt. Owner
312 RICH SEVEN 8,976 PCC 1982 Fuyo Kaiun K.K.
333 FENG LI 9,239 PCC 1985 T.V. Harvest Inc.
391 YUTOKU MARU 5,929 RORO 1995 Toshitoku Kisen K.K. & Maritime Credit Co.
392 YUZUI MARU 5,929 RORO 1995 Nakano Line K.K. & Maritime Credit Co.
397 FERRY FUKUHIKO 986 FERRY 1995 Kanmonkaikyo Ferry Advanced T&T.

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